HELIX delta-T6 Version Features

HELIX delta-T6 is offered in different versions. The following list shows the main features and functions available in each of the different versions.

Helix Delta-T6 Features
Version: Standard Professional Dynamic Analysis Remarks
Conveyor Capacity Up to 1000 tph Unlimited Unlimited
Static Analysis Calculations Rigid Belt
Dynamic Analysis Calculations Flexible Belt
Number of Drive Pulleys One Unlimited Unlimited Each Pulley can have one or two drives
Horizontal Curve Design Banking angle and Belt Drift
Calculation Method See Calculation Methods
CEMA 5th Edition
ISO 5048 Based on DIN 22101
Viscoelastic Uses Belt Rubber Rheology
Automatic Friction Factor calculation
Manual Friction Factor override User can input f for each conveyor section
Temperature Corrector for Friction Factor
Draw Conveyor Profile
Sketch Conveyor Profile on screen
Drag and Drop Pulleys in sketch
Add any number of Pulleys
Draw any Pulley Wrap Angle
Draw any Conveyor Configuration
Draw Scale Drawing of Conveyor
Draw 3D Model of Conveyor
Draw Vertical Curve Dynamically
Draw Horizontal Curve Dynamically
Equipment Databases
Fluid Couplings
High and Low Speed Shaft Couplings
VVVF Variable Speed Starters See Equipment Databases
Conveyor Sections / Flights
Unlimited number of Flights
Unlimited Length of Conveyor
Vary Idler Spacing by Section
Vary Skirt Length
Input Scrapers & Ploughs
Manually Override Friction Factor f
Friction factor adjustment factor f
Import Conveyor Sections / Flights
Import XYZ from CAD DXF file
Import XYZ from CSV (Excel®) text (.txt) file
Auto Add Return Belt XYZ Points
Import XYZ from Beltstatâ„¢ BCK file
Take-up Calculations
Allow user Takeup Mass Input
Automatic Takeup Mass Calculation
Check Belt Sag over all sections
Vertical Gravity Takeup
Horizontal Gravity Takeup
Horizontal Winch Takeup
Traction Check for Running / Starting / Braking
Lock Take-up on Stopping Lock in belt stretch to prevent excessive belt sag
Conveyor Drives See Dynamic Starting
Head, Tail, Tripper, Return Drives
Multiple / Unlimited Drive Pulleys in any position Can have two motors on each drive pulley
Starting Torque Factor input Full and Empty Start Factor
Backstop Torque Calculation
Add Inertia Flywheels
Input Speed vs Torque Curves DOL, Slip Ring WR Motors, Fluid Couplings etc.
Input Time vs Speed Velocity Ramp DC, VVVF Variable Speed Drives
Brakes and Stopping
Input Braking Torque on Drive Pulley
Input Braking Torque on Brake Only Pulley
High or Low Speed Brake location
Brake Caliper Selection
Brake Disc Sizing & Inertia Calc
Brake Disc Temperature Rise Calculation
Add Inertia Flywheels
Calculate Braking / Coasting Distance
Calculate Discharge Volume Braking / Coasting
Velocity Ramp Stopping Control
Belt Tension & Friction Calculations
ISO 5048 Based on DIN 22101
CEMA 5th edition
Viscoelastic Uses Belt Rubber Rheology
Temperature Correction Kt
Fixed Friction Factor Calculation
User Controlled Friction Factor
Automatic Friction Factor Calculation
Reduced Friction on Declines >2.5% slope Applied to CEMA - for ISO use f=0.012
Suitable for Overland Conveyors Dynamic analysis recommended for 800kW and up
Suitable for Wide Idler Spacing Friction & Power Calculations
Flexible Body Dynamic Analysis Tension calculations See Dynamic Analysis
Variable Friction Factor during Starting and Stopping Calculations Adjusts friction to belt tension and sag during starting / stopping
Tension Summary Report
Running Full Belt Tensions See Design Reports
Running Empty Belt Tensions
Running Levels & Inclines Loaded Belt Tensions
Running Levels & Declines Loaded Belt Tensions
Starting Fully Loaded Belt Tensions
Starting Empty Belt Tensions
Braking Fully Loaded Belt Tensions
Braking Empty Belt Tensions
Coasting Fully Loaded, Empty Belt Tensions
Bar and Line Graphs of Belt Tensions
Belt Sag Check
Take-up Travel / Belt Stretch
Dynamic Tensions Starting / Stopping
2D and 3D surface plot of Dynamic Tensions and Belt Velocities
Vertical Curves
Concave and Convex Curves
Belt Lift off Calculation Running Full/Empty, Starting Full/Empty, Braking full/Empty
Worn Belt Allowance for Lift off
Edge Tension Rise
Limit Centre Tension
Maximum Buckling Radius
Dynamic Drawing of Vertical Curves on Screen for Geometric Design
Horizontal Curves
Draw Curve Dynamically on Plan
Calculate Curve Motivation Force
Calculate Banking Balancing Forces Balancing force for belt, material and friction
Input Banking Angle and view Belt Drift
Input Centre and Wing Roll Dimensions
Calculates Belt Drift for Running and Starting Conditions See Horizontal Curves
View Results Graphically Easy to see all belt drift conditions on one graph for each curve point
View and Print Horizontal Curve Report Detailed View of the calculations
Pulley & Shaft Calculations
Shaft Deflection at Hub
Shaft Torsion / Strength
Running Tensions
Starting Tensions
Multiple Shaft & Bearing Combinations
Pulley Inertia's Calculated
Pulley & Shaft Rationalisation by changing database selection setting Use Database to rationalise from a sub-set of pulleys and shafts
Shaft Calculations to AS1403 Standard Separate Program Separate Program Separate Program See Helix delta-D
Pipe Conveyors See Pipe Conveyors
Pipe Conveyor calculation using Visco Method Uses Belt Rubber Rheology
Resistance and losses include: Belt to Idler Indentation Resistance, Material and Belt Flexure losses, Idler Rotation (Rim Drag) Resistances, Belt to Idler scuffing losses
Calculate Horizontal and Vertical Curves Generate individual reports on each Curve
Pipe Conveyor Idlers added to Idler Database as a guideline
Pipe Cross Section Easy to see Pipe Conveyor Cross Sectional image that includes relavent belt and material properties
Conveyor Starting and Stopping - Static Analysis
System Equivalent Masses
Drive & Pulley Inertia Calcs
Belt Tension Rise % - Static Check belt safety factor starting and stopping
Starting Time Loaded, Empty
Stopping Time Loaded, Empty for Braking and Coasting Match stopping times for downstream conveyors
Stopping Distance Full & Empty
Discharge Volume Braking & Coasting
Individual Drive Starting Torque factor
Conveyor Starting and Stopping - Dynamic Analysis See Dynamic Analysis
Graph of Belt Velocity vs Time at any pulley or point during Starting / Stopping
Graph of Belt Tension vs Time at any pulley or point during Starting / Stopping
Takeup Movement Plotted vs Time
Graph of Pulley Torque vs Time at any Pulley for Starting and Stopping
Obtain maximum belt tensions at any pulley or point Check Belt Safety Factor and Pulley Stresses
Obtain minimum belt tensions at any pulley or point Design out excessive belt sag by adding flywheels or brakes - essential for long conveyors
View Holdback Torque on pulleys Correctly size the holdbacks for actual runback belt tensions due to gravity and belt contraction forces
Dynamic Analysis Presentation PowerPoint Presentation - ppt file
Additional / Quick Calculations See Additional Calcs
Discharge Trajectory
Hopper Pull-out Force - Basic
Hopper Pull-out Force - Bruff's Method Belt Feeder Design
Hopper Pull-out Force - Theoretical Method (TUNRA) Belt Feeder Design
Belt Turnover Calculator See Belt Turnovers
Pulley Inertia
Pulley Wrap Angle Calculation
Drive Traction Calculation
Pulley Bearing L10h life
Vertical Curve Lift-off radius
Vertical Curve Buckling Radius
Vertical Curve Edge Tension Radius
Horizontal Curve Banking Angle and Belt Drift
Equipment Schedules from Multiple Design Files Extract lists from multiple conveyor design files
Design Summary
Pulley & Shaft Lists
Gearboxes and Fluid Couplings See Belt Turnovers
Brakes and Holdbacks
Belt Tension Comparison Report For example compare existing conveyor belt tensions with proposed upgraded conveyor
Printing and Exporting Reports View reports on screen or export to file formats
Number of Reports 70+ 70+ 80+
Print Multiple Reports in one file
PDF Files
MS Word RTF files
CSV and Excel files
Drawing of Conveyor
3d model
Tension Graphs - Bar Graphs
Tension Graphs - Line Graphs
Dynamic Analysis Graphs 2D and 3D See Dynamic Analysis
Help Files See Documentation
Electronic Help File Includes Contents, Index and Find
Context Sensitive Press F1 anywhere in the program for Help
Windows Format CHM format Based on HTML
Print your own Hardcopy manual Print the Help file by chapter or individual Help topic
Computer Operating System Compatability See System Requirements
Windows XP Requires Service Pack 3 or later
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 and 8.1
Windows 10
Version: Standard Professional Dynamic Analysis Remarks