HELIX delta-T6 - Additional Calculations

Helix delta-T6 has a number of additional calculations for things such as:

  • Belt Turnover Calculator - see Belt Turnovers
  • Discharge Trajectory
  • Trough Transition Lengths
  • Pulley Inertia
  • Pulley Wrap Angle Calculation
  • Drive Traction Calculation
  • Pulley Bearing L10h life
  • Vertical Curve Lift-off radius
  • Vertical Curve Buckling Radius
  • Vertical Curve Edge Tension Radius
  • Horizontal Curve Banking Angle and Belt Drift
  • And more...

You can view a sample report by clicking the following link: Sample Design report - pdf file

Discharge Directory Calculation

Trajectory Calculation Image

Pulley Inertia Calculation

Pulley Inertia Calculation Image

Trough Transition Calculation

Transition Calculation Image

There are many more calculations - see the Demo program Calcs Menu.