HELIX delta-Q2 Pipe Network program Versions

Helix Delta-Q2 is supplied in 1 main licensed version:

  • Demo Version - evaluation only
  • Professional Version - unlimited

Demo version - Demo purposes

Demo purposes only - Limited to a fixed fluid Viscosity. The user can build networks and solve them but the fluid viscosity is fixed at higher value than the viscosity of water. Free download to all, but remains licenced to Helix Technologies.

Professional Version - Unlimited

Unlimited number of pipe and nodes - may have any number of pipes and nodes in a network and also multiple networks in one design file. You can have different fluids in the same network. For example, you may have a concentrated slurry in one pipe flowing into a junction with a water pipe (or pipes) and dilute slurry flowing through the network from that point onwards.

The Professional Version is large Pipe Network systems for Liquids, Slurries and Gases This software is very flexible and the user can design a diverse range of process systems.

Software Licensing

The software is supplied as a Registration Code version.

Registration Code version

The Registration code version can be installed on a computer after internet download. The download links are provided after purchase of a license. When it is run for the first time it will prompt the user to enter a Registration Code. There is a button on the registration form which will send the user's computer details to Helix Technologies and Helix will return a registration code which can be pasted into the Registration form to unlock the software.

Rego Form Q2 Image