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New Network License versions of Helix delta-T6 Conveyor program added to portfolio including DEM Chute Design and Pulley Shaft Design programs

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Helix Technologies Pty Ltd
ABN 67 269 614 528
PO Box 610, Morley WA 6943
22 Donna St, Morley WA 6062
Perth, Australia
tel +61 8 9275 0635
Conveyor Design, Conveyor Dynamic Analysis, Belt Conveyors, DEM Chute Design, Discrete Element Method Transfer Chute Design, Particle Flow, Pipe Network Analysis, Piping System Design, Pump Selection Software, Pulleys, Vee Drives. transportador, correia, roletes.

Helix Software Support & Maintenance


The annual “Software Support Contract” entitles users of our software the following:

1. Minor upgrades of the software. This means that if we make an improvement to the software or correct a fault in the software, you would automatically receive a free upgrade disk in the mail. The Support Agreement does not entitle users to free new major program release upgrades, although a special pricing level would be applicable. For example if a user is licensed for Helix delta-T6 then the support contract would include all updates to version 6 of the program

2. Telephone and email support. Whilst we support all users of our software, users who have a support contract get preferential treatment.

3. The user is entitled to request the addition of desirable features to be incorporated in future versions of the software. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be complied with, but wherever possible requests for additions will be incorporated.

4. Database upgrades. This means that when we have added a new range of equipment data to the database, you will receive the new data on disk. It is our policy to keep adding equipment to the databases, and this is an ongoing process.

5. Electronic File transfer. Users can request that we email them urgent program or data updates using email, the internet or ftp (File Transfer Protocol) methods. Users can also send us design or project files for comments and or tracing of errors or behavior of the software.

6. HelixTech Website Helix maintains an Internet World Wide Web page which allows users to browse through our product brochures and email comments or requests for more information to us. We also provide a file download facility for anyone to download demo or other software.

Support Costs

The cost of the annual support contract is 15% of the Software List Price (plus 10% GST for Australian users), irrespective of the number of users of Helix Software at the site.

Signing Up

If you would like to have the added security of a Helix Annual Support Contract, send us a company purchase order or payment to the value of 15% of the software

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