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New Network License versions of Helix delta-T6 Conveyor program added to portfolio including DEM Chute Design and Pulley Shaft Design programs

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Conveyor Design, Conveyor Dynamic Analysis, Belt Conveyors, DEM Chute Design, Discrete Element Method Transfer Chute Design, Particle Flow, Pipe Network Analysis, Piping System Design, Pump Selection Software, Pulleys, Vee Drives. transportador, correia, roletes.

Conveyor Design Software

Helix Technologies specialises in Engineering Software Development. We have a number of standard programs for Conveyor Design, Conveyor Dynamic Analysis, DEM Chute Design, Pipe Network Analysis, Pump Selections, Vee Belt  & Chain Drives and Share Portfolio Management and Project Investment Analysis.
You're welcome to browse through our brochures and download the demo programs or contact us by email. sales@helixtech.com.au

New Helix delta-T version 6 including Conveyor Dynamic Analysis program and Chute Design DEM program are now available

New Helix delta-T6 Conveyor Design program - see details using the menu on left side of this page.

Delta T6 Version 6.0.23 updated May 2019:

Delta T6 Version 6.0.22 updated May 2018:

  • Pipe conveyors
  • Import conveyor X,Y,Z coordinates from .dxf, .csv (excel) and .txt files
  • Auto Add Return Belt Int. Pts function

See the Downloads page to download a demo.

Helix delta-T6 Pipe Conveyor

Helix delta-T6 Program

wpeD.gif (49422 bytes)

Download a sample printout Static Design Reports sample

View a comparison of Standard, Professional and Dynamic Analysis version features Feature comparison list

The new Helix delta-T version 6 Conveyor Design Program which follows on from the very successful delta-T5 program has been very well received by Consulting Engineers, Mining Houses, Contractors and other plant operators and designers. Take a look at the list of some of our users to see the spread of companies using the software.

t4broch.gif (9096 bytes) 

Download a copy of the Helix delta-T brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

See a list of selected users.

Download your free demo copy from the Downloads page

Click for delta-T6 Detailed Brochure Delta-T6 Conveyor Design - detailed brochure  file.
Click for delta-T6 Static Design Reports sample  file or Dynamic Design Reports sample file.

Download a powerpoint presentation about the new Dynamic Analysis version by clicking here or download a Dynamic Analysis case study.

The following is a Helix delta-T6 sample Dynamic Analysis report Helix_Sample_CV202_Conveyor_Design_Report_Dynamic_Analysis.zip file size is 6Mb.

View a PDF file brochure on the new Dynamic Analysis version. If you are interested in the new Dynamic Analysis module, please send us an email at sales@helixtech.com.au

Click for larger image - Conveyor Stopping Belt Tensions.jpg Click for larger image - Conveyor Stopping 3D Graph of Belt Tensions
Dynamic Analysis  - Sample 2D and 3D Graphs of Belt Tensions. Click to enlarge
Click for larger image - Conveyor Stopping Belt Velocities  Click for larger image - Conveyor Stopping Belt Velocities 2D
Belt Velocities - Conveyor Stopping Fully Loaded - 2D and 3D Graphs.

Helix Chute DEM

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Conveyor  transfer chute 5000tph coal 45mm lump. Click video to view an introductory video on using Helix DEM (size 35Mb) 

Click to see a short video made in Helix DEM - coal 5000tph 45mm lump size

Download a brochure in PDF format

ChuteAnimation1.gif (77629 bytes)

Record the path of a particle through chute, get velocity of particles, make avi movieof particles, make avi movie

New DEM Chute Design Program

New chute design program - draw your chute geometry in the program or in CAD, setup material and capacity and then perform DEM calculations - watch the particle flow through your chute, adjust position of faces to optimise. Download a Demo program from the menu on the left of this page.


Fadepipe.gif (39987 bytes) Click to download brochure

Click for delta-Q Brochure      q2broch.gif (4376 bytes)

delta-Q is a powerful tool for engineers and equipment suppliers to quickly and easily design and optimise pipe networks for compressible and incompressible fluids. You can calculate friction losses and pressure drop in pipes and fittings for Liquids, Slurries and Gasses. Model complex process flow pipe networks and solve for unknown flow rates and node pressures at the press of a button. Delta-Q includes a CAD DXF file generator for exporting the network diagram to CAD...

Download a copy of the brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format Helix delta-Q brochure 

Sample CAD (DWG) drawing of  Cooling Water Sample DWG file or  view as PDF file Sample CAD (DWG) drawing of Fire Water system sample Drawing file created using delta-Q or view as PDF file

See a list of selected users.

Helix delta-$

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Helix delta-$ Investment Analysis & Share Portfolio Manager Program - an essential tool for anyone who has to make investment decisions or choose between different investment options.
Helix delta-$ has two main functions:

1. Share Portfolio Manager
2. Investment Analysis

How well are your investments doing? Delta-$ can show you what your current rate of return is and help you to make the best choices for future investments.

Download a copy of the brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format Helix delta-$ brochure

Helix delta-R

drv3grsmaller.jpg (2494 bytes) 

Vee Belt Drives, PolyVee Drives, Timing Belt Drives, Chain Drives and Couplings.  This program will perform equipment selections for you and allow you to optimise your drive designs.

NOMIS MINI-GRAPH® 7000 seismograph.

NomisMiniGraph7000.jpg (19885 bytes)
The Mini-Graph's state of the art battery capability, instant read out, easy data transfer and simple field set up and operation make this the mini seismograph to meet your monitoring needs.


Instant LCD readout for all blast results
Sturdy case makes for completely self contained unit
Case mounted microphone with ground spike alternative
Standard 175+ event memory, optional 300+ memory
Completely waterproof for continuous all weather operation
Standard RS-232 port for downloading with downloading software for Windows included
Less expensive alternative for multi location monitoring

Download a PDF brochure about the NOMIS MINI-GRAPH® 7000 seismograph by clicking here


Conveyor Design, Conveyor Dynamic Analysis, Belt Conveyors, DEM Chute Design, Discrete Element Method Transfer Chute Design, Particle Flow, Pipe Network Analysis, Piping System Design, Pump Selection Software, Pulleys, Vee Drives. transportador, correia, roletes.

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